Charity exhibition of warriors’ paintings “War and Peace through the Eyes of a Warrior”

Venue: The House of Ukrainian Culture
Presentation of the exhibition: March 15, 2019, 18:30.
Date of conducting: 15.03.2019-24.03.2019
With the support of: the Department of Culture of the Zhytomyr City Council, the Zhytomyr City Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, the Citizen’s Union “Veteran’s House”, the House of Ukrainian Culture.

Participants in the Donbass War, their relatives, volunteers, public activists, representatives of local authorities, media representatives, all those interested in art and those who are indifferent to the theme of the war, support for veterans, the interaction of a peaceful society with those whose lives changed the war.

The exposition of the exhibition presents the works of the participants in the war on the Donbass, created during the visit to the complex of rehabilitation visits from the MF “Creative Crew Kryivka” under the author’s technique Vitalina Maslova “creative rehabilitation”.
During rehabilitation races, soldiers from all over Ukraine have the opportunity to re-energize, switch, respond to important internal issues, open new sides of their personality and culture of their country. The program is very interesting and rich: hikes, walks (shows take place in the picturesque corners of the Carpathians, Transcarpathia, at sea), active rest and extreme sports, health spa program and body therapy, work with psychologist and psychotherapist, art classes and cultural acquaintance an inheritance – our guests themselves do not recognize themselves at the end of the rehabilitation visit …
The program of creative rehabilitation works since 2014, currently 43 entries have been conducted, and almost 500 military personnel have been rehabilitated: volunteers, staffed, mobilized.
Our charitable foundation has the opportunity to implement this important project (as well as others – social, socio-cultural, artistic) with the help of indifferent Ukrainians: thanks to the support of ordinary people, all our projects exist.
During the exhibition, a charity auction takes place, paintings from one part of the exhibition – “World of Eyes of a Warrior” each visitor can buy on a quiet auction.
At the moment, we are collecting funds for the 44th arrival of creative rehabilitation for participants in the war on the Donbass. In order to give the opportunity to recover a group of 12 fighters, we have to raise UAH 70 thousand. At the moment 25 thousand UAH are collected, it is necessary to collect another 45 thousand UAH.
We are very grateful to everyone for understanding the importance of our mission and help!
Essentials for charity provision:

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Ukrainian hryvnia # 26001056110306
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US Dollar No. 26006056112246

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