Про управління

There are 10 cultural institutions, 8 budget-supporting (5 music schools, 1 art school, municipal institutions Palace of Culture  with a branch Sokolova Gora club, Centralized library system with 15 libraries) and 2 self-supporting (Communal Enterprise Park named after Yuryi Gagarin and United Directorate of City Cinemas, which includes 3 cinemas).

Areas of activity:

– Implementation of the powers of the executive bodies of the city council in the sphere of culture, art, cinematography, tourism;

– Preservation and consolidation of positions in Zhytomyr as a cultural center of the Polissia region, and its transformation into a real European cultural center;

– Preservation of the integrated network of cultural institutions, effective use of existing cultural and creative resources of the city;

– Implementation of a complex of educational, cultural and artistic programs and projects for children and youth;

– Creation of the most favorable conditions for the creative growth of the individual, the disclosure of its abilities, the satisfaction of spiritual and aesthetic needs;

– Revival of folk art and popularization of national customs and rituals, organization of full-fledged, meaningful leisure, mass recreation and entertainment, cultural services of the population;

– Facilitation the access of viewers to see the national cinema heritage, the affirmation of the cinematographic works of the ideas of humanism, universal spiritual values;

– Formation and development of a highly effective and competitive excursion and tourism complex in the city, providing wider opportunities for meeting the needs of citizens in various tourist services.